Living in Lockdown


by Lauren Mappledoram

Living in lock-down

When my watch stopped and days melted like ice cream -

did I come to my senses?

I saw how the sofa would sag

a little more each week,

how disco music thudding through the wall

would sound so distant -

I pressed my head to the bricks and heard blood rush,

the sea roared in my ears like a conch.

Under my door, smells of cooking drifted,

ginger, rich makani sauce

and sounds of muffled laughter. I counted three voices,

their words clear as custard.

One morning, my peppermint tea got infected

by dish soap that slipped in, tasting of hospital visits.

Now, outside my window the sky stretches stark blue

and I can do nothing but stare.

12 Pike St, New York, NY 10002
All rights reserved 2020
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